The key to take control over your smartphone usage.

Less distraction, more life!

Unpluq saves people an average of

69 minutes a day

What would you do with that extra time? 

Why a physical key?

Break Habit loop

By making your distracting apps further than just a click away, you break your unconscious habit loops. 

Physical barrier

With the addition of a physical key, we give you the option to create the barrier to distraction yourself: you can decide where to store the Unpluq key when you want to focus.

Conscious choice

By making the decision to access distracting apps a physical action, it becomes a conscious choice.

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Transform your Android phone into a distraction-free device.


Unpluq helps you to regain control over your smartphone usage. It enables you to focus on the meaningful things in life, by giving you the power to decide when to remove distracting apps.

Focus Mode

No distracting apps & notifications

Normal Mode

Access to all your apps & notifications

A combination of Android software and a physical key

Normal software solutions are easy to bypass. By creating a physical barrier to access distracting apps, the choice becomes more conscious.

Unpluq Launcher

The Unpluq launcher will switch between Focus mode and the Normal mode based on whether the Unpluq key is plugged in or out.

Unpluq Key

The Unpluq key gives you access to your distracting apps. You can keep it on your keychain or leave it at home – your choice.

Unpluqqers use their smartphone 25% less on average.

Average daily phone usage

Average daily phone usage with Unpluq

Gives you


over your smartphone usage


for the meaningful things in life


without digital distractions

What our users say


“Unpluq helped me sleep better, as. I couldn’t watch youtube video’s before I went to bed”


“Through using Unpluq I use my phone more consciously and in a more useful way, it also gave me more free time.”


“Usually I scroll on my phone in the morning, but now I read a book.”


“I wanted to reduce my phone usage, Unpluq helped me with that! It helps me to do what I want to do.”


“Unpluq saves me 2 hours of wasted time a day, I used to spent hours dwelling on social media…”

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How it works

You choose which apps distract you. By detaching the Unpluq key from your phone, the launcher switches to Focus mode. In Focus mode, only non-distracting apps of your choice will be available and notifications of distracting apps will be blocked. Yet when you make the conscious decision to plug the Unpluq key back in, you will have the functionality of your entire phone, and your missed notifications will be shown to you.

Our vision

At Unpluq, we believe you should control technology, instead of technology controlling you.

Smartphone Research

Smartphones can have quite a negative impact on our wellbeing, sleep and focus. We gathered a selection of research into their impact for you.

Smartphone & minimalist phone in one

Unpluq is the combination of buying a minimalist phone, combined with all the useful functionality your smartphone has to offer. No need to buy a minimalist phone, just transform your phone into one!

You decide when you use all functionality of your phone, or when you transform it into a useful, distraction-free device.

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Learn something new instead of mindless scrolling

It takes 20 hours to become reasonably good at something. We scroll an average of 60 hours per month. Plenty of time to learn something new!

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